Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or racing a friend on a favourite route, cycling is simply hard graft. Many riders don’t mind a bit of hard work, that’s why so many of us enjoy the challenge of cycling. You train, you push your body to its limits come rain or shine because there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you are at your peak.
Those who own a Wilier know that they didn't choose just any bike. They know that the symbol of the halberd is part of a history that is over a century old. That experience is combined with the most advanced knowledge, ingenuity and originality for which the brand is so well known, always striving to do something better. That same spirit has also lead to the creation of the Wilier Performance Progress Lab.
We feel passionate about making that journey to reaching your performance goals more attainable, be it with your bike set-up or with your training requirements. We want to make the tools and services usually associated with elite teams and professionals accessible to everybody - especially our customers.